Bill Burr Rips ‘Feminists’ For Failing The WNBA

Bill Burr destroyed the WNBA in his new comedy special.

Burr is known for being one of the few people left on the planet who isn’t afraid to tell jokes that might offend people, and he apparently swung for the fence in his new Netflix special “Bill Burr: Live at Red Rocks.” (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

When talking about the United States Women’s National Soccer Team, the legendary comedian said, “You’re playing in a 20,000-seat arena — 1,500 people show up. That’s not a good night! The promoter lost his f—ing ass on that gig,” according to BroBible.

From there, he only escalated the situation and nuked “feminists” for not supporting the WNBA enough. He said the following in part in the special, according to the same BroBible report:

Look at the WNBA: they have been playing in front of 300 to 400 people a night for a quarter of a century. Not to mention, it’s a male-subsidized league. We gave you a league and none of you showed up. Where are all the feminists? That place should be packed with feminists — faces painted, wearing jerseys, going f—ing nuts like the guys do! None of you went to the f—ing games. You failed them. Not me. Not men — women failed the WNBA. Ladies, name your top five WNBA players of all time. Name five WNBA teams. Name the WNBA team in your city. You can’t do it!

Go off, Burr! Go off! I’m right there with you! First off, those comments are absolutely hilarious and if you disagree, you’re a loser. It’s that simple.

Whether you agree or not, there’s no way you can say with a straight face that his comments weren’t hysterical. They absolutely were, and I have no doubt the rest of the special is just as fire.

Secondly, I love how he’s changing up the narrative to blame women for nobody caring about women’s sports. Every once in awhile, you’ll get someone who claims WNBA players should be paid like LeBron James and other elite NBA talent. Of course, they won’t talk about how the stadiums are empty and nobody cares.

Sports are a revenue driven industry! If you don’t sell tickets and negotiate a huge TV deal, you’re not going to get rich. It’s basic economics.

If feminists really want the WNBA to be a huge success with contracts that rival the NBA, every single game should be sold out with a 100% female audience. Of course, that has never come close to happening, and that’s why WNBA players make as much money as an engineer coming out of college.

Props to Burr for shining the light on feminists and mixing things up with some great humor. It gives you hope that comedy might still be salvageable!

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