Cincinnati Reds radio announcers congratulate team for trying hard

Wrong side o’ bed this AM, Mobsters. The pollen’s blowin’ up my head. It’s thick enough to serve on a plate, with a side of mold. Claritin is a wonder drug, but somedays, it’s no match for the chewy stuff floating through my open windows.     

So let’s start with some peeves.

The all-timer occurred again Sunday. The Reds radio guys declared, again, the greatness of the Reds effort. The club doesn’t give in to the losing; the guys keep battling.

They try hard.         

Big %$@-in’ deal.         

As stated many, many times in This Space, teams that are praised for trying are teams that lose. Trying is implied in the contract. Never have I heard of a contract in any sport that includes this phrase: If the team stinks, you can tank.           

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