Harvard-Westlake School

Harvard-Westlake School

Originally founded as two separate schools, the Harvard School for Boys and the Westlake School for Girls, in the early 20th century, the Harvard-Westlake School became the institution it is today after merging these two institutions.

In doing so, he created a massive educational community, one with a mission to teach students from seventh grade through graduation.

Built on values โ€‹โ€‹of diversity, community, and educational excellence, this school does everything in its power to guide students from toddlers to true leaders, helping them live lives fueled by a deeper purpose.

In this mission, Harvard-Westlake School takes every step possible to help students step outside their own perspectives, learn from the past, and seize the possibilities of the future.

Through The Fair Talks ProgramThis school matches teens with Holocaust survivors, allowing them to learn from their experiences and create practical plans to foster empathy within their own communities.

By associating with the Year of Service Alliance, Harvard-Westlake empowers students to develop a gap year plan, taking this valuable time to complete acts of public service. While doing so, students receive financial support from their school as a token of gratitude for this service.

Harvard-Westlake doesn’t just graduate students. Create leaders.

Read on to learn more about joining these storied ranks, research the Harvard-Westlake School’s acceptance rate, and more about what has made this institution the nationally respected name it is today.

Harvard-Westlake School Acceptance Rate

Harvard-Westlake School
Harvard-Westlake Chapel โ€“ public domain photo via Wikimedia Commons

The Harvard-Westlake School does not publish its official acceptance rate.

Still, the information she shares makes it clear that acceptance into this exclusive and desirable school is a challenging feat.

As of this year, Harvard-Westlake School received a record 1260 applications. This number shows a growth of three percent over the previous year, indicating a growing interest in this educational institution.

This school has two main entry points for applications: seventh grade and ninth grade.

The Harvard-Westlake School accepts just over two hundred students starting in seventh grade. Through these vital middle grade years, the school strives to keep class sizes low to better serve the complex needs of these growing teens.

Once a class reaches the ninth grade, Harvard-Westlake opens the doors to an additional ninety students, allowing the class to benefit from new perspectives as they continue to grow into the successful young adults they strive to be. Because most students return to this school each year, there are few opportunities for acceptance outside of these narrow windows.

To improve their chances of acceptance, hopeful students should focus on creating a desirable resume filled with stellar and extracurricular recommendations.

Although standardized tests are not an application requirement, students may submit their ISEE test scores for consideration.

Harvard-Westlake School alumni

Although this school is not among the oldest in the country, it already has hundreds of highly influential alumni, many of whom are common household names.

Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal received their education in the halls of Harvard-Westlake, growing in their artistic visions as they worked to earn their education.

Today, both popular actors celebrate their prosperous careers on the big screen.

Before Tori Spelling was the famous name she is today, she was Victoria Davey Spelling, another student working toward her education at Harvard-Westlake.

She puts that education to work not just as an actress, but as a writer, producer, and outspoken personality.

Even those who avoid pop culture are probably familiar with Harvard-Westlake School alumna Shirley Temple. An example of a child star who avoided the curse that so many claim, Shirley Temple traded her acting career for the possibilities of education, choosing Harvard-Westlake as the best place to receive that opportunity.

After graduating, this child star served as an ambassador for the United States. Her autobiography earned her the title of “award-winning author.”

In athletics, this school has contributed more than its fair share of big-name basketball players, including Bryce Taylor, Jarron Collins, and Jason Collins.

Harvard-Westlake School Tuition

The Harvard-Westlake School charges an annual tuition of $44,500 per student. Additionally, new students must pay a one-time fee of $2,000.

The cost of tuition at this school covers a student’s most direct educational expenses, but parents should include a few more related expenses in their personal budgets.

Students who require the bus system to get to and from school are responsible for a fee of $2,800 to $3,000 depending on their location. Parents should expect to pay between $2,500 and $3,500 per year for books, food, and other expenses.

These expenses may seem high, but fortunately, Harvard-Westlake offers some financial aid programs to help offset the cost of your world-class education.

These grants and scholarships cover the costs of sports activities, travel programs, or anything else a student chooses to do as they further their education. Currently, around twenty percent of the student body receives some form of financial aid.

Since these grants are awarded based on family need, parents can use the online estimation tool to gauge how much they could expect to receive from this school.

Harvard-Westlake School Ranking

Harvard-Westlake School celebrates ranking among the best schools across the country and, as of 2022, has been declared the private school number two in all America.

In a list of more than 4,000 high schools, the Harvard-Westlake School was ranked number two in terms of college readiness.

Rigorous education and unlimited opportunities for community service go a long way to help prepare schools to continue your education well beyond high school graduation.

In keeping with its mission to have the most diverse student body possible, this school is now in the top four percent of most diverse schools in America.

This is mainly due to its holistic acceptance process, which aims to create an inclusive and diverse student body.

Within the state of California, Harvard-Westlake is just as famous. Celebrate a place in the top fifty schools for athletes in the state, taking special care to showcase all the skills that make a student special.

Harvard-Westlake was also recently named the 7th best STEM school in California, no easy feat in the nation’s densely populated tech capital!

From athletics to learning, from college prep to diversity, this school stands out as one of the most remarkable institutions of learning America has to offer.

What sports and extracurricular activities are offered at Harvard-Westlake School?

Harvard-Westlake School is proud to offer a wide range of sporting opportunities. In addition to a celebrated basketball team, this school also offers options such as water polo, wrestling, lacrosse, and a variety of equestrian sports.

In keeping with its mission to provide the highest possible level of opportunity for its students, this school features some of the newest and best-equipped sports. mod cons in the state of California.

In the Marshall Center pool, the swim team practices for their meets. Students of all ages enjoy the opportunity to participate in physical education courses here, engaging in some of the most relaxing and rigorous exercise possible.

The newly renovated O’Malley Family Field featured professional-grade turf, bullpens, dugouts, and a state-of-the-art clubhouse.

Building a truly engaging academic environment is no easy task, but Harvard-Westlake pulls it off with flying colors. offering dozens of clubs and organizations, this school ensures that no matter what the students’ interests are, they can find a way to get involved.

As the Bring Change to Mind club strives to improve mental health awareness on campus, Cadence for a Cause uses their musical talents to benefit the surrounding community.

Whether a student is hoping to heal the environment or build homes for Habitat for Humanity, there is a way they can find the outlet they need to give back.

Should I apply to the Harvard-Westlake School?

Without a doubt, Harvard-Westlake School has taken an active role in improving its community and earning its title as one of the best schools in the country.

Westflix Film Festival for California Teens allows students the rare opportunity to display their art and get credit for their hard work.

This professional-level experience is more than resume padding; it is a way for young artists to experience the joy that comes from sharing their vision with the world.

This school is not your typical elite private school. Harvard-Westlake really cares about sharing its educational opportunities with as many young people as possible and in doing so they are currently expand to a new campus.

As a school that truly cares, Harvard-Westlake is taking all necessary steps to keep this new campus fully sustainable while protecting the integrity of the surrounding neighborhoods. In doing so, they offer hundreds of job opportunities while building another impressive educational facility.

With this new campus, applicants have a better chance of being accepted to this renowned institution than ever before! The time is right to apply, and with dedication, a student can join all the opportunities that await at Harvard-Westlake School