Who is Sonya Curry’s new boyfriend : Everything you need to know about Steven Johnson and his NFL career

Sonya Curry and Dell Curry have separated and in the light of the NBA Finals, it’s made for some interesting news reports given how they’ve showed up to the games.

Sonya and Dell Curry separated in 2021, and the news seemed to come out of basically nowhere. The Curry parents had always been in attendance to watch both Steph and Seth’s games, and it felt like a downer when the news was announced.

Sonya was the one to file for divorce, making their split official on June 14th of this year. However, the two had been separated since March 2020.

Both sides accused the other of committing acts of infidelity, and after the latest pictures from the Finals, there may definitely have been something shady going on along the sidelines.

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Who is Steven Johnson and how is he involved with Sonya Curry?

Sonya wanted to separate after she claimed that Dell had been committing acts of infidelity for some time, but Dell fired back with his own claim that Sonya had cheated on him with former Patriots tight end Stevn Johnson.

Steven Johnson was drafted in 1988 by the New England Patriots in the sixth round. Unlike another Patriots player who was successful after being picked that late (pst it’s Tom Brady), Johnson barely played in his rookie year, and he was out of the league after just one year.

He appeared in 14 games, starting only three games, catching one pass for five yards. So, yeah, there wasn’t much going on there in terms of his NFL career.

Steven Johnson was also Dell Curry’s friend back in Virginia Tech, and from the above Tweet, you can see that Steven Johnson used to be married to Dell Curry’s new girlfriend, Nikki Smith, making it seem like the Curry parents swapped spouses.

It’s been tough for Stephen Curry as well who admitted that he’s trying to keep connections alive with both his parents. “I had to make sure I was in that moment with both of them separately and this wasn’t just this whole kind of thing,” Curry explained to The Ringer after breaking the three point record. “That is how I choose to approach that. Because it is challenging.”

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