A realistic Detroit Pistons trade for 76ers first-round pick in NBA Draft

The Philadelphia 76ers are actively looking to trade their first-round pick in the NBA draft. The Detroit Pistons, it seems, are actively looking to get another first-rounder. A trade between these two teams seems workable.

The Philadelphia 76ers want to win the NBA championship in 2023, the Pistons timeline is a few years further down the line. A late first-round draft pick does not help the Sixers accomplish that goal, but it would be beneficial to Detroit, who are looking to add young talent.

The Sixers did not even know they would have a No. 1 pick until June 1, when the Brooklyn Nets, as part of the Ben Simmons-James Harden trade, informed them they would defer a first-rounder owed them until next year.

The Sixers pick 23rd, which in a draft not thought as deep, means getting a player who will help them make the NBA finals next season pretty unlikely. They have another bargaining chip in the $10-million non-guaranteed contract of veteran forward Danny Green.

Green suffered a severe knee injury in Game 6 against the Miami Heat and is most likely out for the 2022-2023 season. However, his contract can be used to help balance salaries  in a trade.

In the world of the salary cap, a draft pick is worth $0.

While the Pistons have lots of cap space, the 76ers do not, with huge salaries going to Joel Embiid, Tobias Harris and (if he opts in, as expected) James Harden. If the Sixers get a player, they need to ship players out of similar salary. Green is not going to help them on the court this year, so he is the perfect candidate.

Pistons general manager Troy Weaver loves wheeling and dealing for draft picks. He came to Detroit from Oklahoma City, whose general manager, Sam Presti, has acquired massive amounts of first and second-rounders.

Weaver has a good track record of hitting on late first rounders, getting No. 23 could bring a valuable player for the future.

Who would the 76ers want? Well, Jerami Grant surely, but that is not happening for the No. 23 pick (Yes, I know Christian Wood went from Houston to Dallas for basically No. 26, but Detroit is not looking to move Grant unless get a good offer)

The 76ers could use an good, outside shooting big man. When Embiid was not in the game, the 76ers usually got clobbered. And it has to be a veteran with playoff experience.

Sounds like a good description of 6-foot-11 Kelly Olynyk. He had injury problems this past season but he has played in the NBA finals (with Miami) and is a good three-point shooter. He would fit perfectly in Philly.

Pistons Get

2022 No. 23 draft pick

Danny Green

Furkan Korkmaz

To make the salaries match (Olynyk makes $3 million more than Green), the Sixers throw in Furkan Korkmaz. He is kind of like former Piston, Svi Mykhailiuk, a three-point shooting specialist who has not been a very good three-point shooter in the NBA.

Green, the Pistons can simply cut, and stretch out his salary. Even if healthy by the end of the season, no reason for him to play here. Korkmaz you can just roll out and see if he can finally make some three=pointers. Players seem to shoot a lot better when they leave Philly, for some reason.

Korkmaz just turned 25, so if he finds his shooting stroke, he could help Detroit as a floor spacer, he is under contract for the next two years. Opponents can’t just let him sit out on the perimeter alone, Korkmaz needs to be guarded, which could help make room for others.

This is a trade that helps both teams. So, after Detroit picks at No. 5, don’t not leave your TV set for too long, they might have another first-rounder coming up.

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