Luis Guillorme Receives All-Star Praise From Buck Showalter

Photo by Roberto Carlo

If Mets’ manager Buck Showalter had his way, Luis Guillorme would be going to the 2022 All-Star Game in Los Angeles. Having established himself as a regular on the Mets’ lineup card this season, Guillorme has won the trust of Showalter and he’s paid that back with some clutch performances at the plate.

Not only has the veteran become a consistent hitter that can put balls into play, but he’s been excellent in the field and is valuable at a number of positions. In many ways, Guillorme is the very definition of an everyday utility player. And according to Showalter, he should get his flowers for the critical role he plays for New York.

“There should be a category in the All-Star Game, for lack of a better expression, a utility player,” Showalter said. “You can’t win without one, and there should be a column there for those guys. They should get recognized.”

As it stands, players of Guillorme’s stature get overlooked for marquee events like the All-Star Game, and there isn’t a category for a jack of all trades. Maybe there should be, though.

“The ability to play four, five positions, kind of like Guillorme,” Showalter said. “I’ve always wondered why they haven’t added one.”

After all, Guillorme certainly proved his worth to the Mets this weekend alone. Playing second base against the Angels on both Friday and Saturday, the 27-year-old went a collective 3-for-7 with one walk. His walk on Friday helped the Mets to load the bases in the sixth inning. It was followed with a Brandon Nimmo double which blew the game wide open.

Guillorme is now hitting .327 with an .822 OPS in 41 games this year. He also provides a superb glove in the field at second base, shortstop, and third base. You can’t put a price on players who can play in multiple positions. And one that does it so well.

With Gold Glove caliber fielding, and an ability to hit for contact, put the ball into play, and work counts, it is no wonder Guillorme has won the trust of an old school manager like Showalter. After all, Guillorme is a throwback to how baseball used to be. So, while a trip to the All-Star Game isn’t in Guillorme’s future any time soon, he is at least appreciated by his manager who knows the value of an old-school, cookie-cutter player in modern baseball.

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