Online Esthetician Schools – Five Amazing Programs

Online Esthetician Schools – Five Amazing Programs

Beauty is a practical art. Makeup application, skin analysis, planning the best facial care treatments, are all things that need to be done in person.

For that reason, you may assume that estheticians can only learn their trade in person. The online learning that has proven so important in recent years is not available to those who want to learn the beauty trade.

Well, you would only be partially correct.

It is true that no state in the US offers certification through fully online classes. The test must be done in person.

However, many aesthetic schools offer the rest of their programs online. Leveraging the Internet and the ever-evolving technology of distance learning, these schools teach students from around the world the fundamentals of beauty theory, the biology of beauty, and the basics of running a business.

This approach is essential for several reasons. Those who need to social distance can still further their education, as can working professionals and stay-at-home parents. These schools allow students to learn the skills they need while continuing to attend to other parts of their lives.

Even better, almost all of the schools on this list have ways to accommodate students online and help them complete their exams safely. Most take advantage of testing centers across the country, use video conferencing software and practice mannequins for students to demonstrate their skills no matter where they are.

If you’re ready to begin your esthetician education, this is the list for you. Look at the schools here and find the one that best suits your needs, so you can start learning your trade without leaving home.

Online Esthetician Schools – Five Amazing Programs
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main institute

An association between Arizona State University, Mesa Community College in Arizona, and L’Oréal USA.the Lead/ROLF Global Institute exists to bring advanced beauty training to everyone who wants to learn.

The school is at the forefront of an important mission, to increase the confidence of each person through learning and applying the latest beauty techniques.

By bringing together the resources of a respected state university and community college with L’Oréal USA’s industry expertise, the Lead Institute has the reach and infrastructure to achieve that goal.

Lead Offers two accredited pathways towards becoming a professional in the beauty industry.

Through Mesa Community College, students can earn an associate of applied science degree in beauty and wellness. Along with the emphasis on critical thinking one expects from a liberal arts school, the AAS track provides students with hands-on experience.

Future estheticians learn how to run a business and communicate with others, as well as the techniques of their trade.

Those who desire a more in-depth program can pursue a Bachelor of Applied Science in beauty and wellness at Arizona State University. Building on the principles established in the AAS program, the BAS track features advanced personal care training. The program also provides in-depth networking, allowing students to form links with professionals already in the field.

Whichever path you choose, Lead Institute offers online classes and flexible start days, allowing you to tailor your program to suit your needs. No matter where you are, Lead Institute can help you find your way in the beauty profession.

empire medical training

Since 1998, Empire Medical Training has provided professionals across the country with the skills and preparation they need to improve the lives of others. With more than 700 live workshops presented each year in cities across Canada and the United States, Empire Medical Training equips more professionals than many of its competitors.

Empire can even meet the needs of those who prefer to learn at home. Empire Virtual Training Options in aesthetics and pain management teaches students everything they need to know about protocols, safety professions, and application methodologies.

Students have access to the same instructors who provide in-person training, as well as many other support systems.

Although certification cannot be completed entirely online, Empire Medical has many testing centers in every state across the country. At these test centers, students can put the skills they learned online into practice and earn their certification.

Even before applying in person, students can receive personalized training through Empire’s virtual guardianships.

These virtual meetings allow students to teleconference with healthcare professionals, who guide them through each step of the techniques they are learning.

It’s like working with a professional by your side, while still adhering to your social distancing and scheduling preferences.

With all of these online training options, Empire continues to do everything possible to train students.

mirage spa

Mirage Spa has long been Canada’s premier home for esthetician training. Mirage, the nation’s number one online beauty school, empowers students to further their own education and shape the future they want for themselves.

Mirage designs its programs specifically to meet the needs of students who already have busy livessuch as working professionals and parents. Because it has had this approach from the beginning, Mirage is in a great position to expand its offerings online.

As always, Mirage provides learning materials by mail and gives students access to teachers and lessons through Internet programs. These video lessons cover the theoretical and practical aspects of the beauty arts, including esthetics, nails, spa therapy, and more.

the primary aesthetic program / spa therapy covers 1200 hours of training. During that time, instructors cover all aspects of the subject, from fundamentals to advanced techniques. Students learn how to perform hair removal, operate facial machines, perform skin care analysis, and more. At the end of the program, students leave with a diploma in aesthetics and spa therapy.

In all of his lessons, students learn to care not only for the body, but also for the mind and spirit. Mirage’s holistic approach views beauty not as an end in itself, but as a form of self-expression and confidence building.

Evergreen College of Beauty

Evergreen Beauty College may be based in Seattle, Washington, but it has the wherewithal to educate students from all over the world.

No matter where they are, students can participate in Evergreen’s supportive family environment. Even through the internet, the school provides students with all the support and encouragement they need to succeed in their cosmetology career.

Evergreen prides itself on a culture of encouragement. Starting out as a small family business, Evergreen’s founders know firsthand how difficult it is to break through in a career. From that experience, the school knows how to help students stay focused on the goal, even when the going gets tough.

That experience also influences the school’s practical approach to teaching aesthetics.

In the primary aesthetics program, students learn the fundamentals of skin analysis and treatment. Working with experienced professionals, students will learn techniques such as exfoliation, hydration, and massage. Everything they learn helps them see the best in customers and how to highlight those aspects for others.

The aesthetic master program. take those skills even further.

With a more focused focus on the science of aesthetics, the program teaches students how to perform deep peels and various forms of therapy, including laser and radiofrequency. Students even study the functions of medical technology to find new ways to enhance the beauty of their clients.

Despite these lofty ambitions, Evergreen never loses its family atmosphere, even when providing online training.

Aglaia aesthetics

Although they are based in Canada, Aglaia Esthetics takes their top-notch professional training around the world. Under the direction of María PillonProfessional with more than 35 years of experience in the field, Aglaia Esthetics emphasizes innovative and progressive training.

By combining theory with practical training, the school continues to find new ways to develop the next generation of beauty professionals.

Thanks to its focus on working professionals, Algia Esthetics is able to provide access to students from all over the world, without sacrificing any of its quality. Even before the need for online education increased in recent years, Aglaia’s distance learning offerings drew praise from students and observers alike.

Rather than burden students with a full syllabus, Aglaia’s distance learning allows students to register for each module individually. With this flexibility, students can take a single module, focus on a specific skill, or combine several to build a complete set of tools.

In your aesthetics course, students begin with theoretical classes, which provide them with the basics of skin analysis and product knowledge. Later modules expand on those ideas with practical applications. Students learn everything from facials/spa treatments and corrective makeup application to bridal makeup and men’s makeup.

When these modules have been completed, students have the opportunity to apply their understanding in practical modules. These modules combine online and in-person learning as they practice the concepts via video conferencing and then complete their assignments at one of Aglaia’s many assessment centers.

With this combination of experience and innovation, Aglaia trains the best beauty professionals in Canada and beyond.