Are more three-pointers in Heat center Bam Adebayo’s future?

The Miami Herald Heat mailbag is here to answer your questions this offseason. If you were not able to ask this time, send your questions for future mailbags via Twitter (@Anthony_Chiang). You can also email them in to @Heatles4Ever: Does Bam Adebayo finally start attempting threes regularly next season? We all know he can … Read more

NBA playoffs 2022 – James Harden’s performance reveals the uncertain future for the Philadelphia 76ers’ star duo

May 12, 2022 Tim BontempsESPN IN EARLY MARCH, sitting on-stage inside Boston’s Hynes Convention Center for the start of the annual MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, Daryl Morey wore a blue blazer over a red shirt that featured a cartoon of James Harden’s face from his famous internet meme. “Besides ‘Seize The Data,’ the theme … Read more

NBA’s top free-agent power forwards in 2022: Miles Bridges, Otto Porter and more

Hollinger’s Free-Agent rankings and projections:Top 25 free agents by BORD$ projectionsTop point guards by BORD$ projectionsTop shooting guards by BORD$ projectionsTop small forwards by BORD$ projections The power forward market is unexceptional this year, with the one top-tier player on the market seeming highly likely to stay. But teams in need here shouldn’t despair: Several … Read more

Hollinger’s Top 75 NBA Draft prospects: Jabari Smith No. 1, plus tiers and breakdowns of 2022 class

Are you watching the NBA Finals? Are you watching them and thinking about what they might mean for this year’s draft? We’re in a little bit of a weird place, right? The consensus top three players are fours and fives, but all the value is in big wings. Unlike a year ago, there isn’t an … Read more

When we’ll see Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James for an NBA title

You know you want it.Image: Getty Images It’s the 2043 NBA Finals. The erosion of the east coast is impossible to ignore, and it will be illegal to hold summer football activities outdoors because the average temperature in most places will be 115 degrees. But indoors, the matchup the world has been waiting for will … Read more

NBA’s top free-agent shooting guards in 2022: James Harden, Bradley Beal, Zach LaVine and more

Hollinger’s Free-Agent rankings and projections:Top 25 free agents by BORD$ projectionsTop point guards by BORD$ projections At least in theory, it’s a stellar NBA shooting-guard market when free agency begins. Three max-caliber All-Stars headline the offerings at this position, although that excitement might fade quickly with the reality that all three players seem overwhelmingly likely … Read more

The Top 25 NBA free agents by BORD$ projections in 2022

Ready for free agency yet? While the Warriors and Celtics do battle in the NBA Finals, the league’s other 28 teams are already full-speed ahead into the offseason. Although teams are forbidden from agreeing to deals until June 30, and no executive would dare to have a handshake agreement before that time (certainly I would … Read more

LeBron James is the First Active NBA Player to Become a Billionaire

Photo: Sthanlee B. Mirador/Sipa USA (AP) “Cash rules everything around me, C.R.E.A.M., get the money, dollar dollar bill y’all.” Move over Michael Jordan, and make some room for the newest basketball billionaire, Lebron James. Even MJ was not making the moves off the court that LBJ is making now. With James finally changing that “M” … Read more

Zach LaVine free agency: Four potential destinations

What was once thought of as a certainty has hit muddier waters lately as reports have surfaced that it’s no longer a “home run” for Zach LaVine to re-sign with the Chicago Bulls. Of course, the Bulls hold a major advantage here as the team with the ability to offer the explosive 2-guard the most money … Read more

May’s best NBA photos: 20 images you might have missed

After a grueling month of playoff basketball, the NBA Finals are set. After missing the playoffs in 2020 and ’21, the Warriors are returning to a familiar stage. This is their sixth NBA Finals appearance in eight years. When Game 1 begins Thursday, Golden State will battle the Boston Celtics, a franchise that knows a … Read more