Andrew Wiggins completes the transformation from underachiever to NBA champion

The clocked ticked toward another Golden State Warriors title, perhaps the crowning achievement of this remarkable run due to the depths they plummeted to before rising again, and Andrew Wiggins looked to the sideline to get subbed out. His work in these NBA Finals was done. His improbable ascendance to a player worthy of being … Read more

Hollinger’s Top 75 NBA Draft prospects: Jabari Smith No. 1, plus tiers and breakdowns of 2022 class

Are you watching the NBA Finals? Are you watching them and thinking about what they might mean for this year’s draft? We’re in a little bit of a weird place, right? The consensus top three players are fours and fives, but all the value is in big wings. Unlike a year ago, there isn’t an … Read more

Inside the trade that brought Andrew Wiggins to Golden State and the shocking decisions it could force on the Warriors

THE SERIES OF deals that helped the Golden State Warriors prolong their run atop the NBA — a thread that goes back to Kevin Durant and spins forward indefinitely — began with what promised to be an uncomfortable exit interview. Days after a crushing NBA Finals defeat that seemed to bury the Warriors dynasty under … Read more

Timberwolves win a lot of championships, just not for Minnesota

Andrew WigginsPhoto: Getty Images Since the Minneapolis Lakers won half of the league’s first 10 NBA titles and then shuffled off to Los Angeles where they won13 more, Minnesota has been an incubator for NBA championship parades–in other cities. After the Lakers’ relocated to L.A., the NBA didn’t return to Minnesota until 1989. The Timberwolves … Read more

NBA’s top free-agent shooting guards in 2022: James Harden, Bradley Beal, Zach LaVine and more

Hollinger’s Free-Agent rankings and projections:Top 25 free agents by BORD$ projectionsTop point guards by BORD$ projections At least in theory, it’s a stellar NBA shooting-guard market when free agency begins. Three max-caliber All-Stars headline the offerings at this position, although that excitement might fade quickly with the reality that all three players seem overwhelmingly likely … Read more

The Top 25 NBA free agents by BORD$ projections in 2022

Ready for free agency yet? While the Warriors and Celtics do battle in the NBA Finals, the league’s other 28 teams are already full-speed ahead into the offseason. Although teams are forbidden from agreeing to deals until June 30, and no executive would dare to have a handshake agreement before that time (certainly I would … Read more

Tim Connelly arrives in Minnesota, works on adapting to the Timberwolves

Tim Connelly stepped up onto the stage and took his seat, the uniqueness of his position as the new Timberwolves president of basketball operations laid out plain for everyone to see. On his left was Glen Taylor, the majority owner at the moment — the 81-year-old printing and agriculture mogul from Mankato, Minn., who has … Read more

May’s best NBA photos: 20 images you might have missed

After a grueling month of playoff basketball, the NBA Finals are set. After missing the playoffs in 2020 and ’21, the Warriors are returning to a familiar stage. This is their sixth NBA Finals appearance in eight years. When Game 1 begins Thursday, Golden State will battle the Boston Celtics, a franchise that knows a … Read more

New Timberwolves president of basketball operations Tim Connelly plans to make Minnesota a destination for top talent

MINNEAPOLIS — Riding the momentum of a return to the NBA playoffs, the leaders of the Minnesota Timberwolves are determined to further elevate a franchise long mired among the dregs of the league. Tim Connelly is the first big catch. They’re counting on others to follow. “There’s a reason these coastal cities have a leg … Read more

The Tim Connelly recruitment in Minnesota: Takeaways from a landmark deal

For the first time in forever, things seemed to be going well for the Minnesota Timberwolves. They doubled their win total from a year ago, pushed the favored Memphis Grizzlies in a six-game playoff series and, perhaps most importantly, seemed to have achieved some level of organizational harmony in the front office, coaching staff and … Read more