The 10 Best Pre-Med Schools In Massachusetts

The 10 Best Pre-Med Schools In Massachusetts

The choice to become a doctor may be both thrilling as well as intimidating.

If students are immersed in a never-ending internet search for different colleges, they may feel overwhelmed by their plans for the prospects for the future. A majority of students have discovered that they enjoy research and helping others, but is this the best way to take?

Pre-med isn’t a major, but instead an advisory track for students who plan to pursue medical school. Pre-Med is usually the path that students take to pursue a health or medical specialization career with success.

Pre-med is a decision that can not only assist students prepare for taking the MCAT(Medical College Admission Test) but also tell the medical school of choice that the student is ready to face the demands of their curriculum. Numerous top-quality colleges in Massachusetts provide students with Pre-Med courses to ensure their success at medical school.

How do you choose the best Pre-Med Program?

Before you begin endlessly browsing through websites and college admissions forms make sure you go through our list of the top Pre-Med Schools in Massachusetts.

The ranking is based on the number of applicants each school accepts to medical schools as determined through the AAMC.

10. Wellesley College (Wellesley, MA)

Wellesley College was founded as an liberal arts college for women in the year 1870. The college rapidly expanded its areas of study to include the sciences. In the years that followed prior to Women’s Suffrage, Wellesley College employed more women researchers than other colleges within the US.

Students who study a pre-med program at Wellesley will be taking an elite and challenging science curriculum. Although students who are interested in medical school can select any major they like, they’re advised to complete a wide variety of science classes at the upper levels to help them prepare for the demands of medical school.

The Wellesley’s special Health Professions Advising office is working with students to make sure they are on the right track to preparing an impressive medical school application in order to get into the preferred medical college.

When deciding to go to the medical program at Wellesley College, a student will be on the path to be one of the top-quality students in any school of medicine across the nation. Indeed, due to the strictness of Wellesley programs admissions committees for medical schools typically will accept lower GPAs from students who completed their studies at Wellesley College.

Although it’s very highly competitive Wellesley College prides itself by providing financial aid to the majority of students. According to US News & World Report has ranked Wellesley the top college for women in the country , and 13th in the top value.

9. Amherst College (Amherst, MA)

Amherst College began as a private liberal arts institution in 1821. It is the third oldest university in Massachusetts. Through the decades, Amherst College has been named the top Liberal Arts college within the US by US News & World Report 10 times.

A commitment to the pre-med curriculum in Amherst College means spending time studying the area which students may one day have to work in.

With the Loeb Center for Career Exploration and Planning, Amherst College students are offered the chance to collaborate with an experienced professional, typically an former Amherst student, to discover more about their profession and develop professional and leadership skills for their chosen career path.

Through this mix of expertise in the field and opportunities for internships, Amherst College students find themselves in the presence of advocates and professional connections within the medical field prior to beginning medical school.

Students who are enrolled in pre-med classes at Amherst College not only come out with a solid foundation of practical experience However, the demands of the academic curriculum will prepare students to take the MCAT. The college has a high acceptance rate into medical schools in the first round, and 90% when having reapplied.

8. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA)

MIT has made significant contributions to almost every field of science and technology that exists in our modern world. It is also regarded as the most technologically advanced institute for higher education around the globe. With its extensive list recipients of awards, MIT has had 98 Nobel Prize laureates, 58 National Medal of Science recipients as well as 41 astronauts walk across its halls.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology a prominent research institute and a top school for research, it’s also an institution that is able to prepare its students for careers working in medical fields. It may sound odd to think that MIT is a prestigious technical institution, offers the pre-med program, but it’s actually very well-known and highly respected.

Since MIT has earned an impressive reputation and has a wide network of partnerships that are available to students in the pre-med program is vast. Students have the opportunity to work during the summer months with experts in the medical field in cutting-edge treatments.

One illustration can be An example is the Experiential Internship 2022 with AbbVie that offers students with a paid opportunity to work with the top scientists within Precision Medicine.

MIT pre-med students are able to select the field of study from a wide range of science disciplines. They also enroll in courses that follow a specific sequence that will better prepare them for their journey in medical schools.

MIT students have created students at MIT developed a complete guide to make sure that their medical students are ready for the demands in the MIT schedule.

7. Brandeis University (Waltham, MA)

located within Waltham, Massachusetts, Brandeis is a research-oriented private university named in honor of Louis Brandeis, the first Jewish Supreme Court Justice. Brandeis is home to a large number of international students as well as numerous notable alumni that include Eleanor Roosevelt, the former first lady and humanitarian.

Students in the Pre-Med program at Brandeis have the option of choosing to pursue a degree in one of the fields of study available at the school or focus on the Health Sciences, Society, and Policy Program (HSSP).

HSSP is a special major that meets all the requirements for medical students and helps students prepare for a career in a health-related profession.

While pre-med students have studied in almost every field the school can offer and a choice of HSSP will provide students with a support system which helps them build contacts with the community and gain firsthand experiences in their chosen health field, all while adhering to the prescribed pre-med course program.

Brandeis University is highly recognized for its high-quality science programs. Neurobiology and neuroscience programs at Brandeis were ranked as the 2nd best among the top universities in the country in the National Research Council that is tied with Yale as well as Johns Hopkins Universities.

6. Tufts University (Medford, MA)

Tufts University is one of the most prestigious research universities around the globe and provides its students with over 200 degree programs across 10 campuses that are located in the Boston region. Its School of Medicine is located on the Boston campus, which is adjacent to Tufts Medical Center near Chinatown.

Because Tufts is home to both an Medical School and a Medical Center on campus, lots of medical students are enrolled in their undergraduate programmes.

Students at Tufts could choose to apply for the Bachelor’s/MD Early-Assurance program If accepted, they will be admitted to Tufts Medical School. Tufts Medical School without having to take the MCAT.

This allows students to have more time to engage in the areas they are interested in and the opportunity to work with current medical professionals.

5. University of Massachusetts, Amherst (Amherst, MA)

The University of Massachusetts in Amherst is the biggest campus of a university in Massachusetts and is the second-largest student body.

UMass Amherst is a public research university offering more than 100 undergraduate degrees as well as more than 70 Master’s degree programs.

The beautiful UMass Amherst campus is a particular office that provides advice to students who are deciding to pursue a pre-med or pre-health.

Whatever health-related area a student is looking to pursue there’s a well-established medical pre-med Student group which can help create connections and answer any questions you may have while exploring the world of pre-med.

Because of the number of pre-med students who attend UMass Amherst, the school is well-equipped to help students create the medical school application beginning the freshman year. The pre-med advising group and student support group organize numerous medical education and other activities for volunteers.

The Summer Health Professions Education Program gives students the opportunity to develop strong and professional relationships with top medical professionals within the medical field. Students are enrolled in an experience that is immersive during the summer months at one of a variety of locations across the US.

4. Boston College (Newton, MA)

The Boston College campus Boston College, located in Chestnut Hill in MA is classified as an US historic district. It is home to some of the first Gothic-inspired buildings found in the US.

The campus of Boston College, which has 120 buildings covers more than 175 acres and is situated on a hill with views of Chestnut Hill Reservoir. With gothic-style trees and old-growth buildings students will feel as if they are strolling through the past in this Boston College campus.

The Pre-Health Program at Boston College is one of the most effective programs to students prepare for medical school.

The school has a dedicated office to offer support to students who are interested in an area of medicine. The university offers resources to help students gain an experience in health, activities outside of the curriculum and resources for support to help prepare for the MCAT.

BC students are required to participate in internships, mock interview workshops, research, and internships which prepare them for what admissions officers at medical schools are looking for.

Additionally, they have the chance to collaborate with student groups as well as partner organisations to enhance their learning beyond the classroom.

Being a part of The BC Student Global Health Group is an possibility of bringing the knowledge that students acquire in the classroom to the underserved population.

In collaboration in partnership with Timmy Global Health, students visit Guatemala in the summer months to assist local doctors and patients in a health clinic.

3. Northeastern University (Boston, MA)

In the middle in the city of Boston, Northeastern University is an elite private research university. Northeastern provides its students with the opportunity the opportunity to participate in the cooperative education program which connects students to thousands of business leaders.

They are located all over the world and assist students in learning practical skills by gaining firsthand experiences in their fields.

Northeastern University has made it its mission to be one of the top pre-med programs in the country.

To accomplish that, Northeastern create a tailored program specifically for each student, taking their interests and passions into their preferred field of study. The designated advisors assist students at through every step by making sure that all medical schools are checked on the time they first arrive at the campus.

Students are able to collaborate with community partners from a broad variety of health-related fields via the city and community engagement program. Students gain a deep understanding of their career choice and are motivated by their hands-on education.

It’s no wonder that graduates of Northeastern have an acceptance rate of 73% to medical school upon their initial application.

2. Harvard University (Cambridge, MA)

Harvard is the oldest college of its kind in the United States and a world-renowned research institute.

The is a private Ivy League school has produced the most Nobel Prize and Fields Medal graduates than any other higher-education institution.

Pre-med students at Harvard means that you are a part of the long list of famous alumni who have graduated from the specific premedical program.

Students in Harvard Pre-Med are able to access specific guidance and internships. In addition, students meet monthly with a field professional via The sponsorship program.

1. Boston University (Boston, MA)

One of the biggest employer in the Boston region, Boston University has over 4000 faculty members and is a top research institution.

Pre-med students from Boston University has the opportunity to pursue the bachelor’s degree program they select, however with the help of a pre-med advisor that can aid students in utilizing everything BU can offer prospective medical students.

Students in the medical school’s pre-med track at Boston University can choose to join the Early Assurance Program, that grants students provisional admission to Boston University’s Boston University School of Medicine. Another alternative can be that of the program called the Liberal Arts/Medical School where students earn a Bachelor’s Degree Sciences and Sciences as well as the Doctor of Medicine in just seven years.

The Boston University Medical School is always ranked among the best medical schools.