The Vampire Diaries is leaving Netflix US in September 2022

We've heard for some time that The Vampire Diaries will be leaving Netflix...

But a cancellation notice now confirms that all eight seasons will leave Netflix in September 2022... 

But only in the US. This is the current schedule for the cancellation of The Vampire Diaries on Netflix.

The popular supernatural teen series created a massive universe on the US television network The CW and ran for eight seasons. 

It's been years since the series has been on our screens, and it stayed on Netflix for years in many regions.

In six Netflix regions, The Vampire Diaries will still air in August 2022, including : Netflix Australia Netflix India Netflix Italy Netflix United Kingdom The Netflix United States.

However, as Warner Bros. Television continues to demand its shows from providers like Netflix, The Vampire Diaries will eventually leave Netflix and move to HBO Max.

The Vampire Diaries will leave Netflix US in September 2022!

Originally, The Vampire Diaries was supposed to leave Netflix in March 2022...

It had been exactly five years since the last season was added to Netflix. 

We've seen that all of The CW's titles licensed to Netflix are leaving at that time, but in February we learned that won't be the case.

Even stranger, we recently learned that The Originals would leave Netflix on July 1, 2022. That's almost a year earlier than initially planned (five years after the last season in that case would end in August 2023).

In June, we received information that indicated that The Vampire Diaries' expiration date was scheduled for September 4, 2022.

Now, in August, this is confirmed by an expiration notice that appears on The Vampire Diaries in the US.

The expiration notice states that your "Last day to watch on Netflix" is September 3, as the series will be canceled at midnight on September 4.